Co-supervised doctorates 2021 – University of Kent

6 co-supervised doctorates with the aim of strengthening cooperation between I-SITE ULNE and the University of Kent. Three PhD projects will be funded on the French side (via the present call)  and three PhD projects on the British side. Interested applicants may submit a thesis project in any subject field with one or more (co-)supervisors from the University of Kent. The PhD candidates selected via the present call will be principally attached to the research team of the promotor associated with I-SITE ULNE. Successful candidates must spend at least one year in the research unit of the University of Kent supervisor during the three years of the doctorate. Following a successful doctoral defence, the PhD candidate will obtain a doctoral degree from each institution. Results

International Research Mobility Grant: Junior Researchers and PhD Students

I-SITE ULNE is offering support to junior researchers (less than 5 years working in the institution) and to PhD students of its founding member institutions who want to carry out an international mobility of minimum 1 month in a foreign university in the framework of their research field. The mobility has to be carried out between January and December 2021 and the maximum grant amount is €2 500. Results

Programme for EArly-stage Researchers in Lille (PEARL) – Selection of research subjects (2nd wave)

As part of the PEARL doctoral programme co-funded by the European Commission, the I-SITE is launching the pre-selection of about ten interdisciplinary thesis subjects. At the end, 11 PhD students will be recruited in the consortium's laboratories from September 2021. Results

Call for expressions of interest VALORISATION HSS – 3rd session

Co-funded by I-SITE ULNE and SATT Nord, this call for expressions of interest aims to highlight any innovation project coming from the research led in Human and Social Sciences laboratories of the I-SITE ULNE consortiumThe duration of the project is between 6 and 8 months, and allows a financing of 30 000 euros maximum (staff, operation, small equipments, services). Funded projects will have to respond to social or societal issues or be linked to an economic activity. Call Results

Phenomix Grant for Medical Imaging

I-SITE ULNE and the INtegration Center of the Lille University hospital for Data Exploration (INCLUDE) are launching the call for proposals « Phenomix Grant for Medical Imaging ». The latter aims to support, guide and materialise an innovative research project based on the application of statistical learning techniques (machine learning, deep learning) in medical imaging. This call for proposals is open to members of the consortium. It is endowed with a maximum of 50,000 euros allowing the recruitment of a full-time engineer assigned to the project for a 12 months period, and a support provided to the project leader by the INCLUDE team. Results

Health PhD 2020

I-SITE ULNE will fund 5 to 10 “Health-PhD” thesis grants to allow Medical doctor, pharmacist or odontologist students to be released from clinical activities during one year (eventually renewable one time). The aim of the call is to allow these students to pursue a University Thesis in the framework of the “Ecole Doctorale Biologie-Santé de Lille”. During this term, the candidate will fully dedicate his or her time to his or her thesis inside the host laboratory. Remuneration will be equivalent to a 4th year intern salary. Results