Separation of form and content

The use of style sheets guarantees the separation of the website’s appearance and its content. This keeps a coherent reading order in the structure of each page to allow an efficient navigation in case CSS is deactivated.


The tabulation key allows to go from link to successive link on the site.

If despite our efforts you encounter some difficulties browsing out site, don’t hesitate to send us an email at the following address:

Font size

The font size is based on the use of relative size units, which allows its modification in most browsers. This can be achieved by one of the following method:

Using the “CTRL” key and the mouse scroll wheel


Using the “CTRL” key and the “+” (increase font size) or “-” (decrease font size) key.


Go to the browser menu: View > Text size


The main menu, on top of the page, allows
Le menu principal, situé en haut de page, il permet d’en atteindre les rubriques principales.
The navigation menu is keyboard accessible. To close it, simply press the “escape” key.
The logo in the header redirects to the home page.
The site map is at the bottom of each page and allows access to each section and subsection of the site.

Images and links

The images, graphics and links are explicitly labeled with a clear description of their content.

Quick links

The first tabable link in each page can be used to access the main content directly. This can save time while navigating with the keyboard to avoid going through the header of each page.