‘Precision human health’ hub


  • Promote systems biology and precision medicine;
  • Catalyse the digital revolution in biomedical research;
  • Optimise impacts for patients and society.

The ambition of this Hub of excellence is to establish the new university among the world leaders in precision medicine, and at the forefront of translational biomedical research in Europe. The I-SITE will aim at galvanizing the work across multiple disciplines to establish a network of internationally recognized researchers specializing in clinical sciences, molecular biology, genetics, chemistry, bioinformatics, mathematics and computer science, as well as environmental and social sciences. By favoring cuttingedge collaborative projects the ULNE I-SITE will sustain and expand its existing perimeter of excellence by making the most of the digital revolution and maximize the impact for patient and society, in order to establish lifelong precision health as the new standard of care.

Research clusters:

Graduate programme

Health PhD

I-SITE ULNE funds “Health-PhD” thesis grants to allow Medical doctor, pharmacist or odontologist students to be released from clinical activities during one year. 23 students have been funded over the past 4 years thanks to this system.

Major projects:



Coordinators : François Pattou (U1190) and Florence Pinet (U1167)