Steering Committee

In order to reinforce the cohesion and integration of its members on a daily basis and to encourage their involvement in the transformation project, to guarantee a smooth, responsive and efficient functioning, the Foundation I-SITE ULNE also has a steering committee composed of:

  • Lionel MONTAGNE, Executive Director of the I-SITE ULNE foundation;
  • Nicolas ARNAUD, Referent Scientific Director for Lille (CNRS) ;
  • Régis BORDET, President of the University of Lille;
  • Frédéric BOIRON, Director of the CHU de Lille;
  • Eric DEVAUX, Director of the ENSAIT ;
  • Mireille REGNIER, Director of Inria Lille ;
  • Christophe J. MULLER, Regional delegate of CNRS ;
  • Samir OULD ALI, Regional delegate of Inserm.

Standing guest: Benoit DEPREZ, Scientific advisor to the Foundation Institut Pasteur de Lille