Coordination Team / Hub Office

A coordination team set up to assist the Executive Director and act as experts in the daily running of the organisation and the implementation of I-SITE operations.

‘Health’ Hub: François Pattou, Professor of surgery at the University of Lille; Pedagogical innovation: Merce Jourdain, Professor of Intensive Medicine trained in pedagogy through simulation at CHU de Lille ;
‘Planet’ Hub: Franck Dumeignil, Professor of chemistry at the University of Lille; Development of relations with the socio-economic world: Sophie Tison, Professor of computer science at the University of Lille;
‘Digital World’ Hub: Yann Coello, Professor of psychology at the University of Lille; Development of international relations: Kathleen O’Connor, Associate Professor of English linguistics at the University of Lille.
‘Changing Cultures, Societies and Practices’ Hub: Sandrine Chassagnard, Professor of Private law at the University of Lille ; Construction of the future Public Experimental Establishment: Etienne Peyrat, Senior Lecturer at Sciences Po Lille

For each of the hubs, the coordinators rely on a team whose members help to prepare the actions of the hubs.

‘Health’ Hub:

‘Planet’ Hub:

‘Digital World’ Hub:

‘Changing Cultures, Societies and Practices’ hub: