DYDICO – Dynamics for disruptive communications and connectivity

Data production and exchange are essential in our modern societies, where ever more mobile users and intelligent objects must be connected. This calls for multi-scale communication infrastructures, combining optical fibers for massive data transport on long distances and wireless links for connecting the final user on short distances, with the highest throughput and the smallest energy consumption possible. In the optical domain, throughput is raised by parallelizing transmission channels (multi-core or multi-mode fibers), while for wireless communications, ultra-high frequencies in the TeraHertz (THz) domain, are used, at the border between electronics and optics. Moreover, the proliferation of connected objects, together with demands for low latency and data security make it necessary to process information inside the transmission loop, however conventional processors are too greedy and not suited to this task. Current telecommunication networks are close to their limits, calling for the design of radically new solutions for the connectivity of tomorrow, be it for transmitting or processing data. The goal of DYDICO is to harness the scientific excellence at the PhLAM, IEMN and Painlevé laboratories to tackle these challenges and elaborate disruptive technologies that will constitute the bricks of future networks.


Principal Investigator (PI): Marc Lefranc (PhLAM)