Graduate Programme ‘Science for a changing planet’ / Student

Each Graduate Programme provides an excellent environment for building a successful professional career through research-intensive training and acquisition of transversal skills.

Specific scientific events are bringing together Masters students, PhD students and Professionals from research units and companies.

The Graduate Programme « Science For a Changing Planet » brings together 8 Master tracks (list), combining the expertises needed to build a better environmental- and human-friendly world. An outstanding scientific environment is provided with 22 research units recognized at the best international level and cutting-edge equipments.

This programme guides students to prepare their career and to tackle the scientific and technological challenges of our time.

The objective of the Graduate Programme « Science for a Changing Planet » is to train and empower professionals to explore how sciences (including Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Earth and Environmental Sciences) can answer the challenges of the changing planet: 1) understanding and monitoring global changes 2) seeking alternative solutions to the exploitation of fossil resources 3) evaluating the impact of climate change on Earth, people and societies.

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Application procedure below

What does it offer?

Students benefit from interdisciplinary activities, including thematic summer schools, financial support for international mobility and professional training in accordance with research and economic partners.

 Master and PhD students benefit from:

  • interdisciplinary scientific trainings and events such as seminars and summer schools
  • proven professional english skills: courses are taught in english, internships abroad are supported
  • practicals on cutting-edge equipments
  • internships in research labs and/or in companies
  • professional networking: interaction with researchers, engineers from public and private sectors in which students project their future carreer
    financial support: scholarships for students having the highest academic records, contribution to student travel and installation costs to settle in Lille or to complete an internship in another country than France.
  • personalised assistance to define her/his professional project all along her/his academic path

Each Graduate Programme provides a stimulating environment tailor-made for Master and PhD students in order to build a successfull career and raise the main scientific challenges of our time.

Application procedure for scholarship

To apply for a scholarship and/or a relocation scholarship for the Graduate Programme Science for A Changing Planet, please follow the procedure below.

Important: To apply for a scholarship and/or an installation scholarship of the Graduate Programme Science for a Changing Planet, you have to apply for one of the 8 Master degrees of the programme (check the list here). Application for scholarship and for the master degree have to be submitted through two different forms. For the application procedure to the master degree, check the website here.

Two calls for applications are organized each year :
i) a first call opening in December, ending the 15th March 2021
ii) a second call opening in April, ending the 20th June 2021

Candidates from all over the world can apply to scholarships and grants awarded by the Graduate Programme.

The Graduate Programme offers:

  • Scholarships for the academic year, renewable in M2
    • criteria: students having the highest academic records
    • amount: 3 500 euros / academic year
  • International relocation grants (contribution to student travel and installation costs)
    • criteria: student who is awarded the « scholarship for the academic year », having the highest academic records, newly arrived in Lille and coming from another country than France
    • amount: 3 500 euros / academic year

The Graduate Programme grants cannot be cumulated with other scholarships such as Erasmus, Labex (Cempi, CAPPA) or MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain (MOPGA) grants.

For any question regarding this procedure, do not hesitate to contact the helpdesk


The application form can be downloaded here:

Application form 2nd call (deadline 20th June 2021) (.pdf file)

Application form 2nd call (deadline 20th June 2021) (.doc file)