Health and Environment: from territorial to individual risk

Hauts-de-France area is marked by its industrial and agricultural history. The atmosphere is one of the most polluted in France. Social inequality and unemployment are important. Many pathologies are more common and life expectancy is lower than in the rest of our country.

The aim of this project is to identify environmental factors affecting the health of population through a transversal and interdisciplinary territorial approach.


This project is divided into three objectives:

1) To find associations between the incidence of health events and territorial environmental exposure through ecological regression using broad environmental, social and historical databases. This study will be based on population-based studies of Crohn’s Disease (Epimad), Chronic Kidney Failure (REIN) and the Cohort of Premature Children (EPIPAGE2).

2) To measure the association between air pollution, biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress, miRNA and health status through the ELISABET study, representative sample of 3275 volunteers aged 40 to 65, from Lille and Dunkerque. This study includes a biobank and air pollution was modelized by ATMO on the participants’ home.

3) To develop innovative methods of individual measurement of microparticles exposure contributing to knowledge the distribution of these microparticles, their determinants related to the environment and people’s behavior ( indoor and outdoor air, transportation..).


The knowledge gained from these studies will lead to the development of prospective epidemiological studies and ambitious interventional studies with territorial and individual measures of environmental exposure.


Principal Investigators (PI): Corinne Gower-Rousseau & Luc Dauchet