European and International Studies

Strategically located at the crossroads of North-West Europe, the greater Lille area is directly immersed in numerous political, economic and socio-cultural cross-border dynamics. The flagship project European and International Studies – Lille (EIS – Lille) aims at developing and promoting scholarship on Europe in a global context.

Research on the dynamics of European construction, seen from the perspective of its institutions, is an important part of the project, due to Lille’s closeness to three major European capitals (Brussels, Paris and London). Political science, law, economics, sociology as well as all fields of the humanities will be integrated in the analysis of the way identities, cultures and territories are established on the European scale. Europe is not limited to its institutional dimensions and the effects of political and economic integration on space and identity will be fully analysed.

The I-SITE supports research that aims at bringing together several analytical levels and combines local, national, european and international challenges. This attention paid to multilevel processes will allow to consider the role of key issues such as the transformation of borders in contemporary Europe, the evolutions of cybersecurity or the place of Europe in a quickly changing and globalized world.

Call for expressions of interest: I-SITE cluster “European and International Studies”

Principal Investigator (PI): Etienne Peyrat