Graduate Programmes

The ULNE I-SITE Consortium has the ambition to build and articulate 4 attractive international Graduate Programmes (GP) within its 4 thematic eponym Hubs of excellence: « Precision Human Health », « Science for a Changing Planet », « Human-Friendly Digital World» and “Changing cultures, societies, practices”. These four GP are being developed by collaboration between the Consortium’s scientific activities (mainly those developed within the Labex programs) and academic programmes ; they also foster collaboration between the Consortium’s members (University of Lille and the 8 public Schools) .

The 4 Graduate programmes follow three main objectives each in its field :

  • building a highly specialised Competence Centers, in the Hauts-de-France Region ;
  • creating a network of academic, scientific and socioeconomic actors ;
  • sustaining and expanding the national and international visibility of the Competence Center.

For that purpose, each GP offers high level fully English research-driven and cross-disciplinary graduate programmes (Masters and PhD) to a pool of graduate, PhD students and postdoctorants. These existing or new programmes namely include mandatory internship periods in research labs and/or in companies as well as a study or internship programme abroad. Their educational programs will benefit from the digital tools and teaching and learning innovations.

A fast track to PhD Programme is implemented in each GP and is based on early detection and selection of undergraduate and master students keen on and able to pursue studies in research. Finally, Masters and PhD students will benefit from specific grants to pursue this programme.



Graduate Programme ‘Health’

Graduate Programme ‘Information and Knowledge Society’

Student’s section

Graduate Programme ‘Science for a changing planet’

Student’s section

Graduate Programme ‘Changing cultures, societies, practices’